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Straight Arrow Screening is your locally owned Occupational Health Testing Service

Occupational Health Services


Earplug Fit Testing

Covid Testing

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Mask Fit Testing

Pulmonary Function Testing

Custom Fit Ear Plugs

Hearing Tests

Pre -Employment Medical Screens

Government Mandated Collections

DNA Collection

Insurance Medicals

Blood Collection


Whitecourt location offers the following services:

Mask Fit Testing

All Quantitative fit testing is performed utilizing state of the art  mask fit units.  We have over twenty models of masks with the full range of sizes in stock.

Custom Fit Ear Plugs

Custom fit ear plugs are a step up from the foam plugs, and are available in many configurations to ensure the comfort and safety of you and your workers.

DNA Samples

As an approved collection site for several DNA testing Labs across Canada and the US, we can help you understand the process and verify the samples are collected correctly, which ensures accurate results.

We provide after hours service as well as on site testing for most services.

We travel extensively in the North Central portion of the province to provide our customers with worry free, professional service.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our evidentiary Breath Alcohol test units are in compliance with all regulatory standards including DOT testing.  

Panel 7 and 12 Express Drug tests, plus DOT and non-DOT laboratory testing as required.  We are also certified in oral fluids collections for Drug testing third party clients

Pulmonary Function Testing

PFT’s is a measure of lung health and is a mandated test for many industries.

Government Mandated Collections

Child and Family Services and various levels of the justice system utilize our testing facility to ensure client compliance with agency orders.

Audiometric Testing

Hearing tests for industrial annual surveys, pre-employment, RCMP, pilot qualification and personal use. We offer interpretation of tests by audiologist and records management services.

Pre Employment Medical Screens

Many companies today are utilizing pre-employment drug testing and medical screening to ensure prospective employees are fit for duty on various levels.  The high cost of training a new employee makes the pre-employment testing very worthwhile.

Insurance Medicals and Lab Tech Services

We perform various services related to qualifying for insurance and or mortgages. Insurance medicals including ECG’s and Blood Draws are available at our Whitecourt facility.

Earplug Fit Testing

Earplug Fit testing is now required by OHS (March 31, 2023).  This test determines the actual decibels of protection that workers are getting while wearing the earplugs they use daily.  This test can be used with almost any custom fit or disposable style earplug.